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Man Carrying his Girlfriend

Low libido?

Find out what may be behind your low libido and what you can do about it

Learn an intimacy technique you can use anytime you want to connect with your partner

Learn how to feel lit up again so that you can thrive in your relationship, your career, and at home

We will dive into POLARITY and how everybody has both masculine and feminine energy inside. 

The problem is, many women lead with their masculine instead of their feminine radiance.  This can lead to burnout and not feeling attracted to our partners.  Some men become feminized and lose polarity which leads to not moving forward in life. 


Discover Shakti and Shiva energy and how to get out of old patterns so that you can feel radiantly alive.

This class is for those who have low sexual desire and may be living in “dead bedroom.” 


Sexual energy is our life energy and when you reignite it, it improves all areas of your life.


Health Boost

This class is all about working on your SELF (Sleep, Exercise, Lifestyle, and Food)

Learn simple and powerful herbal ways to boost your immune system through herbal preparations (syrups and teas), supplements, and lifestyle factors that can boost your immune system so you can navigate this cold and flu season with optimal wellness.

Learn how to get a better night sleep where you easily fall asleep, stay asleep all night, and wake up feeling refreshed.  Sleep is important for hormone health, mood, and weight management.

Speaking of which…have you gained the Covid 19?  You are not alone!  I will share a simple method of how you can easily drop the excess weight without dieting or depriving yourself of your comfort foods.

Feel inspired, learn new tips, and ultimately feel better than you have in a long time. 


Join me.    


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Optimize Fertility

Cara has helped over 100 women get pregnant.  


In this live one-on-one virtual session, she will listen to your fertility situation and then offer customized solutions for you to implement right away.    

Before you spend $20k on IVF know there may be another way forward to realizing your dream of becoming a mom…


Depending on your situation, you may learn:

Which foods enhance fertility and which foods to avoid

How to remove toxins (including toxic people) to help create an optimal environment to receive a pregnancy

Natural fertility home remedies including Acupressure, Maya Abdominal Massage, Vaginal Steams, Castor Oil Packs, and more 

Fertility Herbs and Superfoods

How to experience a healthy and pain-free menstrual cycle

Sex and Polarity - Improving your relationship before becoming a mom and what to do if you just don't want sex

How to get to an optimal fertility weight without dieting and exercising

Tips for getting a good night's sleep! Your hormones will thank you

Mindset strategies - using meditation and Law of Attraction to call in your child

If you are TTC and you are curious if there are natural ways to enhance your fertility, this is the place to begin.


Join me.