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Feel amazing
Get pregnant naturally

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Acupuncture for All Things Female
Men welcome too!

Specializing In


  • IUI/ IVF Prep

  • Get pregnant naturally

  • Before and After Embryo Transfer treatments

  • Optimizing egg quality

  • Creating a healthy uterine lining

  • Healthy Pregnancy

  • Miscarriage and pregnancy after loss

  • Post partum care

  • Access to Ready, Set, Conceive Virtual program

Women's Health

Men's Health

  • Anxiety / Depression

  • Stress related symptoms 

  • Back pain

  • Restoring sexual health

Three ways to help you feel like yourself again

Imagine talking to someone who will deeply listen to you and help you figure out how to thrive again.  Want to feel inspired?  Hopeful?  Excited about life again?  Cara's 18 years of experience has lead her to become an expert in the field of fertility, mindset, and energetic somatic healing.   Experience the magic of a session for yourself.

Access Bars

Everyone feels different after the first time they have their Bars run.  The Bars are 32 points on the head which when touched hold the possibility of creating a deep meditative state of bliss.  Great for teens and children.


Two types of massage are available. 

Most popular is a therapeutic and relaxing full body massage from Rob Allen

For those on a fertility journey, Cara offers Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy which is a gentle massage on the abdomen which helps to improve the microcirculation in the pelvic area and abdomen to promote a healthy uterine lining.  This is a great massage to receive prior to ovulation when TTC.